Commando 2 Granite

A leading Imported Marble Supplier from Rajasthan, SK marbles is a name to reckon with when it comes to supplying of Marbles and Granites at economical prices.

Our Commando -2 range of Granites is one such product that meets the vast requirement of durability and economical pricing of our dear Clientele.  Owing to its premium quality and beautiful designs, the Commando 2 Granite is highly recognized and admired by our consumers and hence constantly in demand.

The Supreme quality Commando 2 Range of granites works out best for both interior as well as exterior decors and construction such as Flooring. Kitchen Counters, Table Tops and the reason for the same is primarily due to its granular texture and classy looks.

Derived from the Latin Word “Granum” the word “Granite” means a Grain. It is an igneous rock that is formed from Magma. The nature of Granite being tough, hard and massive, this stone is highly preferred for construction works such roofing, cladding and flooring.

There has been a wide spread practice to use Granite Stone in Commercial and Public Buildings, Monuments since ancient times. Similarly the demand for polished Granites as a popular choice for kitchen countertops is primarily due to its aesthetic beauty and greater durability. Depending on the Chemistry and Mineralogy, Granite stones are available in a range of shades and colors to meet and suit the requirements of different customers.

With an expertise spanning 3 decades, we have earned a distinctive and dynamic reputation for ourselves in the market for providing high quality  range of Granites and Marbles. With a policy of honest business standards combined with transparency in business deals along with quality management system, the day is not far when we would be recognized as India’s Best supplier of Marbles and Granites.