Cotton White Granite

Stone being one of the oldest building materials is widely appreciated for its durability and strength to endure the forces of different elements and mankind. At SK Marbles, we take great efforts in quarrying the best Marbles and Granite stones from different quarries to provide solid and excellent Kitchen countertop, basins, shelves, floorings and also to meet the other internal and external designer needs of our valuable customers.

Our Cotton White granite is one such variety of granite that comes with a luxurious look combined with smooth texture and depth. This classic white kitchen counter top material continues to rein popularity for its durability and traditional look.  When cared for properly, the Classic Cotton White Granite kitchen top can last a lifetime. Its use for floor applications is also equally well known.

Of all the building stone materials, Granite tops the chart when the question is of -durability due its properties of scratch and heat resistant. It can withstand up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.  If sealed properly, it is not only water resistant but also remains stain free. This makes the Cotton White Granite extremely popular in demand for use in high end kitchens.

For those people, in search of an inexpensive and easy way to decorate their kitchen , the Cotton White granite from SK Marbles, the reputed  house of marbles and granites located in Rajasthan , India works out as the perfect choice. Just washing the kitchen counter top surface using a soft dish wash soap dipped in warm water with a soft cloth is enough to maintain it in great shape.

Cotton White Granite from SK Marbles, the exporter and supplier of Marbles and Granites finds it use from floor to ceiling to kitchen slabs due to its classic, reflective and attractive appeal. Those in love with the colour white should definitely opt for Cotton White Granite for their flooring and kitchen needs.