Imperial Pink Light

SK Marbles with an expertise of nearly 30 years in Manufacturing, exporting and supply of granites have pleasure in Introducing the Imperial Pink 1 Granite. This granite with rosy pink color shade and natural patterns is extremely durable and suitable for commercial and residential properties.

Endowed with lively patterns, this natural granite extracted from the quarries of North India can be used for inside as well as outside floorings. The Imperial Pink 1 granite come with magnificent finishing and is easily manageable when it comes to cleaning as they are scratch proof, mold and heat as well as moisture resistant.

Coming from the trusted Granite manufacturer, supplier and exporter of India, the Imperial Pink 1 granite available in the form of tiles and slabs, makes excellent choices for kitchen counter tops, table counter tops and walls as well as floorings for the purpose of residential use and even industrial needs of ceiling, flooring, cladding and applications of paving.

Quality performance and timely delivery being the motto of SK Marbles, we are counted among the leading North Indian Granite Exporter, Granite Processors and Manufacturers, Granite Suppliers of India. We take personal interest while selecting, processing and finishing the Granites to ensure providing the utmost quality of granite to our consumers.

Granite is considered as one of the most beautiful and versatile creation of Mother Nature. Found within the deep crust of earth, this igneous rock (formed by heat) is primarily homogeneous in texture and is composed of feldspar and other rock minerals. The appeal, feel and durability of the granite are incomparable to any other hard surface material and this is the reason for its popularity in today’s market.