Pure White Granite

SK Marbles, the leading Indian exporter and Supplier of granites not only deals in granites of various colours from North India but also is equally renowned when it comes to supplying pure white granite from the mines of south India.

We manufacture and process the P White Granite slabs as it is the most widely demanded product by the Indian Industry of Granites.  The other uses of P white Granite is seen for steps and Risers, Basis, as kitchen counter tops and other products for interior use that are custom made.

Available in different sizes and thickness, we export the best quality, commercial grade P White Granites. The larger sized P White Granites though little more expensive than the small sized blocks have greater demand from the architects and dealers of Europe.

Being counted among the top exporter of P Granites from India, we consider it our moral responsibility to provide the best quality Granites at the most reasonable rates. All our products are directly procured from the different quarries of India and then processed at our factory in Rajasthan enabling timely and smooth delivery of the Granites.

White surfaces tend to reflect more light than dark surfaces. The use of P White Granite for flooring or as kitchen counter tops would definitely make a small room look big.

With our Granite- P White, variety, you can make your room or kitchen look more spacious and be rest assured about hassle free maintenance as it is not only rustic but also very easy to clean.

Just be prepared to receive accolades from whoever comes to visit your house or office as we are quite sure that the magic of P white Granite is going to attract anyone who casts an eye on it.