S K White Granite

Granite Stones, Slabs and Tiles have been found to be in use all over the world since ages. Its use can be traced back to the Egyptian periods in the Pharaoh’s tomb, in the architectural   buildings of Scotland as well as in the Temples of India.

To meet this requirement of mankind, S K Marbles a leading supplier of Granite stones in Rajasthan, India, is proud to offer Granite SK White – a real beauty combined with durability from their wide range of Granite Tiles and Slabs.

Granite for many decades has been the most popular choice as countertops for kitchen as well as bathrooms and even for other residential and commercial needs. Being stain resistant as well as easy to care, the popularity of Granite is increasing day by day as more and more people prefer to use granites for their different requirements such as utility workshop areas, mudrooms, gardens and other areas of the house primarily due to its functionality.

Granite stones and slabs belong to the igneous rock variety. They come in a wide range of colours such as white, grey and pink. They add lustre, beauty and elegance to any room when used as a countertop surface.

At SK Marbles we quarry directly from earth and slice the same in to slabs. This is the reason for the popularity and demand for our granites. We can proudly count ourselves among the few manufacturers and suppliers of marbles and granites in India who have been instrumental in bringing the product that was used only for mansions into the homes of many today.

Today, S K Marbles prides itself in being counted as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Granites in India as we compete with other leading countries of the world such as Italy, China, Brazil and US.